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Reda Mickeviciute for Daili – Backstage

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Just yesterday, last weekend, finished greatest fashion festival in Lithuania “Fashion Infection 2014”.  Our designer Laura prepare and show the newest collection  2014-2015 Fall / Winter, for this festival.

Fashion photographer Reda Mickevičiute, was at designer Laura Dailideniene backstage box and make some photos for brand “Daili”.


Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (1) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (2) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (3) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (4) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (5) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (6) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (7) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (8) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (9) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (10) Dailidesign 2014-15 F-W foto R (11)

Paris. When the best just got even better.

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Saint Laurent


What I sometimes miss in fashion, is strong concept and attitude, whether is totally daywear collection or haute couture. It is easy to recognize, when first models are taking up the catwalk and an audience are feeling something in the air. The idea was clear from the beginning – the message came from sixties. Coats, capes, little glittery dresses, low-heeled knee-high boots – those things Hedi Slimane is reinventing every season again and again but it is always about attitude and proof, that fashion can be new.

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Zadig & Voltaire


Casual can be glamorous and sexy. Hedi Slimane did it, Cecilia Bonstron, creative director at Zadig & Voltaire, did this too. The whole collection is like my dream mix, which can totally work for every day. Big parka or coat and tiny dress. Even scarf’s are looking good (almost impossible to do). Jacket and striped dress never ever looked so good and so never white sweater and dress with glitters – perfectly matched colors and materials. Oh, I just can’t and I think it is my favorite collection. Yes, I said it out loud.

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Author : Aida Ivanauskaite



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And we are in London! Come and see Kristina Goes West mini showroom at the Creativations-Chelsea boutique, 301 Fulham Road, SW10 9QH, London. A dedicated stand for our designers will be opened till the 1st of June 2014 with many client events in between.

KGW showroom_Creativations Chelsea London 1


Here you  can find ‘Dailidesign’ clothes & other details.

KGW showroom_Creativations Chelsea London 8





Three Love Affair

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Paris fashion week. Three love affair.


So, here is my story. A few days ago I was looking, what is happening in Milan fashion week and thought, if something will caught my attention (note: good), I will write about it. Milan isn’t my cup of tea, but I never have any preconception and I’m always trying to look at things with a fresh view. But my plan didn‘t work. Or, maybe did, but what stocked into my mind, were things, that I don‘t like and we all know that feeling. So, I will let myself skip Milan (just for now, I will talk about it anyway), but Paris is calling, which is my favorite after New York and we all want to be on track, right?


Anthony Vaccarello


When a few season ago I saw those perfectly – cut dresses, decorated with metal I knew that they will be my all time favorites. This season A.Vaccarello reached a new level and did what I always think impossible – found a balance between edginess and comfort. Classic tones, but new tailoring and materials. Just take a look at this leather dresses. And skirts. The best stiling so far.

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Ann Demeulemeester


Last year A. Demeulemeester, one of the Antwerp Six designers, made an announcement that she leaves her company. Unexpected and sad, but at the same time interesting – what is next? Few days ago, a new designer trio has started a new era, in which I want to live. Dark, deconstructed, twisted, wrapped and folded pieces. Depth and strong attitude from start to finish and this is what fashion should be about.

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Barbara Bui


Barbara Bui created a new black leather dream. The dream, that next season will come true. Mix of leather, wool, chiffon, different prints and studs. Sharp tailoring, edginess and little tricks (for example, a jacket with strategically placed zippers, which allow to produce a moto-bolero). I think, that those looks visually describe definition of contemporary fashion – practical, but innovative at the same time.

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Author:  Aida Ivanauskaite