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Fashion & Design Studio Daili , invites and welcomes you in our fashion show RFW Hall (RFW zāle – PODIUM, Brīvības 201, Rīga)
Show time 18:00 , October 29, 2014

for more information contact here

Riga Fashion Week Daili 2014



Screenshot 2014-10-30 22.34.44 Riga Fashion Week Daili


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Daili at Berlin (1)




Fashion Bloc is introducing new series of topics ‘Highlight of the season’. Our designers will be sharing their best and most memorable moments of the season with you, our dear readers. First in line Daili fashion family Viktoras Dailidenas and Laura Dailideniene. They shared emotions, experiences and some photos with us from their visit to Berlin during Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week.

Berlin they say is yet another fashion destination. And although this East European city doesn’t stand as a Fashion Capital it does stand for fashion. Fashion Bloc designers Laura Dailideniene and Viktoras Dailidenas (Daili) was visiting Berlin in July during Berlin Fashion Week and this was their highlight of the season.


Viktoras and Laura, creative duo (and family duo) behind the fashion label Daili from Lithuania were invited to take part in the international fashion exhibition Bread & Butter Berlin. Daili was showcasing among fashion giants such as DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein and Diesel. It was a valuable and very interesting experience for a relatively small fashion brand from Lithuania. ‘There’s nothing even close to that happening in Lithuania or around,’ says Viktoras.


Daili presented their SS2015 collection Cityscape which attracted a lot of attention from buyers and visitors. Cityscape is covered in unique graphic prints of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. You can next see the collection on a catwalk during Riga Fasshion Week SS15.




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Two F words


It was not long time ago, when i wrote about collections for AW14/15 and now it is October and almost all collections for Spring/Summer 2015 were presented. It is only for me time runs so quickly? Anyways, I will write review, what was interesting for me, but now I want to talk about Chanel and where Karl Lagerfeld brought us to his SS15 show.

Karl Lagerfeld is a master, no doubt. I always respect, what he is doing, but after SS15 finale I took a different look. I was always interested in women’s rights. Last year Beyonce created a new album and made a statement, that she is a feminist. A few weeks ago Emma Watson took a speech about women’s rights and new project ‘HeForShe’. So it is good to see that fashion also gives a perspective and an opinion about it.

There are some significant and important facts about 20 century, which marked our history. Karl Lagerfeld had chosen one of the most important riot – student protest in Paris in 1968 with a focus on feminism.

Models with placards unveiled intentions, which was behind this show – “History is her story’, ‘Ladies First’, ‘Feminist but Feminine’ (Feministe Main Feminine).

Karl didn’t forget men’s (one carried a placard with ‘HeForShe’ sight (project for gender equality)) and reminded, that feminism is important for both, men and women.

What do you think about it?

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Berlin Fashion Week it feels like a big bright fun colorful party.
We want to share few photos from Daili base, while we get visit in “PREMIUM” & “SEEK” tradeshows for fashion brands.

dailidesign fashion vilnius (1)

First to do – if you are in..? get that black VIP shuttle . It surely will take’s you straight to point X.

Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (1) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (2) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (3) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (4) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (5) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (6) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (7) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (8) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (9) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (10) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (11) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (12) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (13) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (14) dailidesign fashion vilnius (2)

to feel more atmosphere from this exhibition video: