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Get the fashion party started!


A few days ago fashion week has started and for me it means thousands pictures of street style. Until now I haven‘t seen collections, okey, one – Antony VacareloxVersace, which you need to check also, really good! But there are so many things going on – many blogs and photographers, who is capturing every moment, many designers, who are presenting new collections, how can I have enough time to see all the stuff?

So, we have a big problem here. If you have no work to do, you are perfectly prepared for Fashion month. Because if you a working or studying person, you cannot check everything. You cannot even check all street styles. It’s stressful (don’t laugh) and really annoying for me. A cannot be there, so I want to see as much as I can. Question: It appears more and more people, who dress good or everything it’s just getting bigger?

But about that – next time. Now I’m leaving you with those little pieces of art.

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