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As you already know, I love street style. I think it’s the most interesting part of fashion because street style is an ongoing process, which embracing clothes from designer’s and people’s perspective. But, it can’t be one lover, when it’s so much to see and to experience. Fashion photography – it’s the thing that now getting all my attention. But not that kind of we are regularly seeing on Vogue, Harper Bazaar or Elle. Past months I discovered amazing photographers, who give power to the person, but at the same time skillfully include fashion.



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Brydie Mack

I discovered this talented Australian by reading her blog “Wolfcub”, which until now is my main inspiration source. I love her work because of the power, which comes from simplicity and cleanness.


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Henrik Purienne

Founder/Editor of Mirage Magazine, different and unexpected – that’s why I like this Man from Cape Town. And he shot my favorite American Apparel ads of all time, so if you didn’t see those, I would definitely suggest.


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Kesler Tran

Based in LA and NYC, photographer Kesler Tran capturing women I have never seen anyone before did. So naturally beautiful and attracting in every way. Really inspiring.


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