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Dew Drops

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“Dew drops” is clear glass droplets will embody itself in early morning dew freshness.

This product’s design by Laura Dailidėnienė and treated as a conceptual jewelry. Each of droplet has a clear anti-allergic shot of the plexyglass shank, and ofcourse clear glass drop.



zole (3)



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‘Droplet’ vase

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It was a rainy day, the water droplets running fast outside the window ..


kolba vase

2 position vase! Has name : „Rain Vase“ It easily can be hung near
the window, and if you no longer want …



Kolbos (5)


it can be stand on plastic ring-plate,

Or also, we have created a special vase – connected with the glass bottom  like this :


あるいはまた、我々は特別な花瓶を持っている – このようなガラス底:



This droplet vase created by glass designer Viktoras Dailidenas in 2013

And of course it is  –  ® , ©

2013年にガラスデザイナーViktoras Dailidenasによって作成された、この液滴の花瓶

そしてもちろん、それは – ®、©

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Brief bag SAP

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DSC_0107 [Desktop Resolution] CPN_0424colorweb

Brief bag from the collection “SAP”, natural leather, pockets inside, bright cotton linning, diferent  – 3 in one transformations ! Two removable handles.

DSC_0020MB Dailidesign last creation for 2014  is this sharp corners of the square brief bag. It also has the imprint of an owl on the surface.DSC_0043 DSC_0061 DSC_0063


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