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Best vital virus, is ‘Fashion Infection’ festival ! Vilnius Fashion Week !

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fashion infection

The best vital virus, is ‘Fashion Infection’ festival in Lithuania !
Laura Dailideniene every year show her talent in this international Fashion festival, and she does it well !

Dailidesign supporting her in her needs, always wish succsess for head designer Laura, and guarantees best quality of studio productions.

Fashion infection + Daili

See you at :


MARCH 22 D., FRIDAY, 19:00 PM. MARCH 23 D., SATURDAY, 19:00 PM.
PART I 1. labàdienà [ Injekcija ]
2. Laura Dailidėnienė [ ]
3. Lilija LarionovaPART II4. Ieva Daugirdaitė
5. Eva Baliul [ Injekcija ]
6. Sandra Straukaitė


7. Diana Paukštytė
8. Egidijus Sidaras ir mados namai „Cantas”

PART I 1. Giedrius Šarkauskas
2. Lina Gudanavičiūtė
3. Balagans [ Injekcija, Vokietija ]PART II4. Eglė Žiemytė [ D.EFECT ]
5. Asger Juel Larsen [ Danija ]
6. KRISTAR DESIGN by Kristina Vikøren


7. Andrey Bartenev [ Rusija ]

Stump – Year Counter

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Stump – Year Counter

stiklas (32)

This art piece comes from glass symposium ‚Glass Garden‘ in 2005 Panevezys Lithuania. Glass designer Viktoras Dailidenas create it with an idea of humanity use a tree‚  „people and nature relationship observing“.

glasbruecke 2008 (680)



I tried to pay attention to how a person calculates the tree year .. order to know how many trees during one count tree rings. So I’m sure incase rings with a mirror and the carved artificial rings .. thus forcing the viewer to count their years rather than tree years.year counter (1)


year counter (8)



year counter (7)




Mama kiek man metu..

Viktoras Dailidėnas Mirror Stump


These stumps “Year Counters“ visited many exhibitions particular attention to them had 2008 exhibitions in Dresden ‘Baltic Way’ and  ‘Long Night of Museums Berlin’ , ‘Glasbruecke’ in Berlin, Germany.

Dailidesign still produce them, and the future plans to expand their range .


Viktoras Dailidenas 2013; foto- Reda Mickeviciute


glass designer Viktoras Dailidenas


Dailidesign Clock (1) [Desktop Resolution]


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LITMADA lithuanian fashion, about: Visiting DAILI studio. Focus on accessories

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Visiting DAILI studio. Focus on accessories


Visiting Laura Dailideniene’s studio located near Vilnius old town you can’t help but enjoy Lithuanian hospitality and admire accessories supplementing her clothing line. (Ear)rings, pendants, bracelets with blossoms and herbs frozen in glass are just enchanting. They are packed in charming boxes made out of tick branches of fragrant cade. Here are some of them:

CPN_8720_1 CPN_8741_1 CPN_8745_1 CPN_8746_1 CPN_8747_1 d (1) d (2) d (3) daili

Above: cuffs for men
Photo: Andrius Čeponis

Oh, and you can order your personalised creation with flowers or herbs of your choise depending on season. They are real!

Here’s the link to DAILI eShop

New face Urte

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Masakazu Kurihara and Urte Mitkaite

Photo : Masakazu Kurihara (Milan)

Model : Urte Mitkaite (Vilnius)

Modeling Agency Supermodels

leggings by ‘Daili’

New Face Gabriele

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photomodel test

model: Gabrielė Šalnaitė – Vilnius Model Management

photo: Reda Mickeviciute

M&H: Alinka Make Up

clothes: Laura Dailideniene

at  pixstudio

‘Splash’ vase

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Vase “Ink Splash” made by glass designer Viktoras Dailidėnas, piece of glass and a unique product, black – eggplant color, created in 2010.

ナス色、2010年に作成された – ガラスデザイナーViktorasDailidėnas、ガラス片、黒ユニークな製品で作られた花瓶”インクスプラッシュ”。

The first one are made in 1998 at Kaunas Aleksotas Glass Studio Ltd., at the time called the “bulb” vase, it has developed while study at Kaunas College, J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts in Glass speciality , (S.Grabliauskaite teacher). In the first series of 15 pieces, at a sale through the school have been quickly sold out, and donated.

Now they have perfected version , ready for the general public , is presented as if from scratch, with a new name: „DROPS-Splash“.

Vase „Drops – Splash“ base colors :

black – eggplant (Ink Splash), transparent (Water Splash), transparent with lime (Lime Splash) ,  and white (Milk Splash).


最初のものは、”電球”花瓶と呼ばれる時、カウナスAleksotasガラス工房株式会社では、1998年に作られ、それが開発しましたしばらくカウナス大学、ガラス専門の芸術のJ.Vienožinskis学部、(S.Grabliauskaiteの先生)での研究。 15枚の最初のシリーズでは、学校を通じて販売ですぐに完売し、寄贈された。


花瓶”ドロップ – スプラッシュ”ベースの色:

黒 – ナス(インクスプラッシュ)、ライム(ライムスプラッシュ)、そして白と透明(ウォータースプラッシュ)透明(ミルクスプラッシュ)。

Vase (1)

“Ink Splash”  black – eggplant (Ink Splash)

黒”インクスプラッシュ” – ナス(インクスプラッシュ)

Vase (2)

“LimeSplash”  transparent with lime green color , or only lime green color – (Lime Splash)

ライムグリーンの色、または唯一のライムグリーン色で透明な”LimeSplash” – (ライムスプラッシュ)

Vase (3)

“Water Splash” transparent or transparent aquamarine color – (Water Splash)

“ウォータースプラッシュ”透明または透明なアクアマリン色 – (水スプラッシュ)

vazos (8)

“Milk Splash”   white color – (Milk Splash)

“牛乳スプラッシュ”白色 – (ミルクスプラッシュ)


Splash dizainas in Tokyo

“Splash Vase” in Tokyo