Three Love Affair

Paris fashion week. Three love affair.


So, here is my story. A few days ago I was looking, what is happening in Milan fashion week and thought, if something will caught my attention (note: good), I will write about it. Milan isn’t my cup of tea, but I never have any preconception and I’m always trying to look at things with a fresh view. But my plan didn‘t work. Or, maybe did, but what stocked into my mind, were things, that I don‘t like and we all know that feeling. So, I will let myself skip Milan (just for now, I will talk about it anyway), but Paris is calling, which is my favorite after New York and we all want to be on track, right?


Anthony Vaccarello


When a few season ago I saw those perfectly – cut dresses, decorated with metal I knew that they will be my all time favorites. This season A.Vaccarello reached a new level and did what I always think impossible – found a balance between edginess and comfort. Classic tones, but new tailoring and materials. Just take a look at this leather dresses. And skirts. The best stiling so far.

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Ann Demeulemeester


Last year A. Demeulemeester, one of the Antwerp Six designers, made an announcement that she leaves her company. Unexpected and sad, but at the same time interesting – what is next? Few days ago, a new designer trio has started a new era, in which I want to live. Dark, deconstructed, twisted, wrapped and folded pieces. Depth and strong attitude from start to finish and this is what fashion should be about.

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Barbara Bui


Barbara Bui created a new black leather dream. The dream, that next season will come true. Mix of leather, wool, chiffon, different prints and studs. Sharp tailoring, edginess and little tricks (for example, a jacket with strategically placed zippers, which allow to produce a moto-bolero). I think, that those looks visually describe definition of contemporary fashion – practical, but innovative at the same time.

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Author:  Aida Ivanauskaite