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Last month the biggest fashion event in the Baltic states “Mados Infekcija” has occurred in Vilnius Lithuania. Sixteen designers had a chance to present their new collections to respectable commission and one of them was one of the most known Lithuanian designer – Laura Dailideniene, the founder of “LAURA DAILI” brand. Designer who is also one of Whipdress members shares her thoughts and inspiration behind her designs.


Laura Dailideniene knew that she would be a designer since adolescent


“My life is a creation – many things are inspiring me. From everyday changing environment to unpredictable miracles of nature, sometimes even a regular daily routine. I bring the surrounding chaos into my work and try to create minimalistic pieces of things and clothes. The feeling of creating something from the scratch until perfection is one of my favorites. Ever since my adolescent, I knew I will be a designer. Because of that, I was always purposefully striving for this goal, from the choice of my studies, up to participation in various fashion events and competitions around the globe.” – says the designer.

designer-Laura-Dailideniene-photographer-Billy-Pissios-JAV-model-Laura-Packeviciute-2 designer-Laura-Dailideniene-photographer-Billy-Pissios-JAV-model-Laura-Packeviciute-3

Japan is dictating my creative character


“Maybe unconsciously, but the things I appreciate the most are arisen from Japanese culture. I am inspired by the daily perception of the environment, graphics, shapes, nature, and event simple things like paper leaf and origami works. The Origami flywheel has already become recognizable as my trademark symbol. Sharp shapes are reiterating in my designs for many years. Sometimes I wonder, that if I wouldn’t be a designer, I would probably become a landscapes designer or Japanese gardens creator.” – designer admits.


I am a person of the feeling


Designer says – “I am the person of the feeling. I believe that the person is truly happy when his decisions are made based on his feelings, even when they are hard explainable. My biggest success is that I have discovered my own way from my past mistakes. The balance is very important to me – I am always trying to give myself time that I need and balance my work and personal life.” 

Photo-Giedre-Rimke-model-Kristina-Markeviciute-Laura-Daili-9 Photo-Giedre-Rimke-model-Kristina-Markeviciute-Laura-Daili-6

Photo-Giedre-Rimke-model-Kristina-Markeviciute-Laura-Daili-4 Photo-Giedre-Rimke-model-Kristina-Markeviciute-Laura-Daili-1


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