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Laura Dailideniene – Eastern Purity

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Laura Dailideniene – Eastern Purity

[By Niccolò Montanari]

Today we fly all the way to the East, to Lithuania, a land with an upcoming, flourishing fashion market. This country hosts one of the most interesting fashion events of the past few years: Mados infekcija. It could be described as more of a fashion festival than a fashion week, in which emerging talent, national as well international, is solidly supported. We’d like focus on one of its yearly participants, Laura Dailideniene, whose skills within the creative field range from modern art to jewellery and fashion design. 



Laura Dailideniene graduated in 1998 from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and since then she has been taking part in various fashion shows across the world, such as the “European Fashion Days” in Vilnius in 2005 and the “Art to Wear” exhibition in New York in 2008.


Her style appears simple and classic, though at a closer look each garments stands out through specific details. Be that the colour, the finish, the cut or the shape, this label seems to have found the right balance between being classically wearable and painstakingly experimental.


This process took some time. If one were to examine Laura Dailideniene’s earlier collections, it would be evident that a certain raw and untouched feel gradually dissipated as we moved towards her later collection. Her latest one, Fungi, reflects an initial benign ensemble, with a bitter and lethal aftertaste.

Once again the simplicity of each piece is complemented by a specific, noticeable element, which takes nothing away from the garment’s elegance, but that on the contrary adds and emphasises its structure.

writen by Niccolò Montanari



Caps for Winter with Big smile :D !

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caps for winter



Are made with love , and warmth emitting smile ;D !
It can be purchased in Vilnius: at old town boutique ‘Boho Chic’ Arkliu str. 3 , and England KristinaGoesWest ‘KGW’
and of course our store.


Fashionchopper about ‘Fashion Infection 2012-2’

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We like to share what we find on the internet sometimes, for this time ! About Laura
2. Laura Dailidėnienė – Sepia Light (Lithuania)
Comments: First thing you notice, head pieces. Massive white look-a-like hats with visors and transparent details. Then the eye goes to the clothing: soft, feminine, light, but with a youthful coolness and interesting ‘designer tag’ prints to that. Red lips, nude shoes, smile of Laura at the end of the show that emphasizes the happiness of success. Yes, it’s a success for sure.
Personal favorites: Black printed leggings and white top with black leather sleeves.
The following comments are writen by Brigitte
All collection of 2013 s/s you can find here ! This event is equivalent Vilnius Fashion Week !

Kristina Goes West – Daili, The Edgy, Lithuanian Costume Designer

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KRISTINA GOES WEST (KGW), the first online boutique to showcase demi-couture designers from the Baltic region, has recently signed the Lithuanian designer Laura Dailideniene under her label DAILI.

According to KGW’s Founder, Kristina Armonaite, Laura Dailideniene is one of the most progressive of the exciting new generation of young Lithuanian costume designers. She has been designing and presenting her clothes, accessories and shoe collections at some of the biggest fashion events across the world. At the time still only a student she received first place at the Smirnoff Fashion Awards in 1999. She got a right to present her collection in Hong Kong, with rave reviews of her work from many big fashion names, including John Rocha and Mathew Williamson.

Laura’s designs are inspired by nature and its elements. She takes fluid forms and merges them with elements she finds in nature to create sophisticated, ethereal and unique designs.

“My clothes are pretty sculptural, designed from light, easy draping materials, such as silk. I also often use floral motifs in my accessories, such as “frozen flowers“, that are locked forever in glass-silver jewellery, to preserve their natural beauty and DNA”- says Laura.

DAILI S/S 2012 collection has been inspired by the sea and its elements. The concept is conveyed through carefully selected materials (natural silk, jersey and cotton), a pastel colour palette and hand-embroidered wave elements.

“For the first time in the UK, we are delighted to present Laura’s S/S 2012 capsule cloths collection for this spring and summer. Our clients will be able to purchase limited edition day and evening wear dresses, as well as separates for a sophisticated and ethereal summer look” – says Kristina.

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Glass, Fashion, and Plant DNA

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llamas’ valley (2012 (8))

Daili design and fashion studio in Vilnius is home both to fashion and glass: leather handbags with glass insets, striped dresses, gray skirts, cream-colored blouses and vests, dropshaped jewelry with the DNA of flowers, herbs, and wild strawberries trapped inside, cups and vases made of used bottles, carafe lamps, and the oddest glass shapes. Their author, glass artist Viktoras Dailidenas, suddenly produces a glass ring he made ten years ago out of a bottle neck for his future wife, costume designer Laura Dailideniene. Here they live, creating together, laughing often, learning from each other, and sharing their creations with others.


– What is most important to you when creating?

Viktoras: Naturally, we have principles. An artist would not be an artist without principles, a point of view, a mission.

Laura: We are very consistent in our work. I in my field, Viktoras in his. Sometimes our work links together.

– What are these common points?

V: We have found harmony.

L: I see things in Viktoras’ work that I can use in mine. The idea can be Viktor’s sometimes, but I draw my own models. Watching him work is my everyday life. Glass is quite subtle.

V: As a glass artist I can see that Laura has a different view of glass through clarity and refined shape. I noticed this when we met, I felt her clean aesthetic.

L: Inspiration often comes directly from nature. I transmit it even through the shapes of my clothes.

– Links to nature, ecology seem very important to you.

V: This is the way we were brought up. This is from our childhood.

L: I grew up in nature, surrounded by forests and fields.

V: I was a naturalist. My friend and I picked frogs for storks and drove around national parks.

L: Nature is reflected in my work, too, especially the jewelry. It is like a little part of Lithuania is stored inside.


– How did you come up with the idea of placing these tiny plants in glass jewelry?

L: We were doing an exhibition of ice objects which melted with time. We wanted to show temporariness. Then came the opposite idea. This is my own technology, I hand pick the plants. It is incredible how many different ones are to be found. These days, my friends even bring me plants from abroad…

 – And you, Viktoras, probably get unused bottles from everyone?

V: Something like that. Especially since I have been making glasses out of them. I wanted to show what can be made out of an unneccessary bottle. I have made many things out of them: glasses, vases, rings.

L: When we met, Viktoras gave me a glass ring made out of a bottle neck. Of course, it is a little heavy to wear…

V: I could modify it!

 – How difficult is glass art?

V: When you are young and still learning, with excitement and desire to try everything, there can even be glass shards stuck in eyes… Later, you understand what to do for this not to happen.

L: It is a very expensive art.

V: It is a charming, but monstrously expensive art. It is simply too expensive to be a glass artist today.

L: The Chinese have brought down the prices.

V: The work requires a lot of energy, in all senses of the word. Both human resources and

heat. This is not your normal heating: for glass to be hot, you need at least 1500 degrees.

– What kind of people are glass artists?

V: They’re open-hearted people. Friendly, always helpful, ready to meet. They are daring, and they are few. Real glassmen are few and far apart, we all know each other.

 – Designers, on the other hand, are anything but few. How do you manage to remain original, Laura?

L: It takes time. There are many young and talented designers, but it’s not that easy to hang on with the competition what it is today. Our jewelry helps us stay afloat. They are sold in Sweden, France, Spain, we had a presentation in New York several years ago. Of course, then came the recession…

 – Where are your sketches born?

L: I am constantly thinking about it. An idea is not born easy, and when it does come, you must draw it, record it, otherwise it will float away.

V: Laura always carries a notebook.

L: Which, of course, fills up very quickly…

– Is there any unique place, especially good for drawing?

V: Laura is very universal. She can create even while driving.

L: Yes, sometimes you see something and it sparks an idea.

– What is it you have to see? Where does inspiration come from?

L: It can be a color, a photograph.

V: I was born and raised among creative people; my parents are painters, Laura is very creative as well. Her ideas have an interesting way of occurring. They are born of simple things which she can view from a different angle.

– Would you wear everything you make?

L: Perhaps not everything. My style changes, but usually I prefer clothes that are more sportswear, free-flowing, knits.

– Who are your clients?

L: Liberated, artistic ladies, although some businesswomen as well.

– Who do you prefer creating for?

L: People who come to you in particular. I don’t work much to order, I have example models which I can resize.

– How did you two meet?

V: It will sound trite…

L: Yes, it was a very banal date.

– February 14th?

V: Yes. You see… We were both studying in Kaunas. It must have been sophomore year, we were in some performance. I was Lady Valentine, and she was a salmon. That was when I first saw Laura, and then I got her phone number through friends

– Are you similar?

V: We do have things in common.

L: It would probably be difficult without them for two creative people with children waiting at home to boot.

V: I’ve always said that in order to keep a family, live and enjoy life, one must first have forgiveness, be capable of predicting the situation and seeing that the other person needs to be helped. Sometimes you must budge first, then there will be no friction. We don’t have any friction, because we don’t let it happen.

– But you still probably talk about the same things at home?

L: We can’t… There are two children at home. Though they are pretty independent by now: one is eight, the other three.

– Artists as well?

L: One is a naturalist, a mathematician. He is wonderful at counting! We came home yesterday to a house full of origami butterflies. He says, mommy, I’m going to sell them…

– What matters most to you in a home?

V: That it is safe and well-lit.

L: Maybe not so much safe as cozy.

V: Well, yes. This year I remembered my old passion, bought an aquarium, and started breeding African cichlids. They are pretty, colorful fish. Cichlids are somewhat cleverer than other fish. They build gardens out of pebbles and then guard them. They react to the environment and to humans.

– What was the vision for this studio when you were creating it?

V: Our vision was the Old Town. We are now close to it. I imagined this ought to be both a shop and a workshop. It is now. We even have glass art classes here sometimes. Usually for foreigners, I teach them how to make stained glass. I’ve been involved in education for a while. I enjoy sharing. Our work is interesting. Sometimes people ask us how we relax. This is it we relax through work. It varies from stained glass to blown lamps, from handbags to dresses. So many different things can’t be boring.



llamas’ valley –



Sometimes we help to find new faces,.. dressing them with Daili clothes :)

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photomodel test

model Gintare Jareckaitė

photo Konstantin Samarin

make up Ugne Ezerinskaite,

clothes Laura Dailideniene



A Photo Through The World

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A model shows a creation, part of Lithuania designer Laura Dailideniene fashion collection during ”Fashion Infection” fashion festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) – is the most prominent annual fashion festival in Lithuania. It is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 3 day free and ticketed public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together (AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)



This image by Mindaugas Kulbis,  has become a very popular and favorite like a “day photo” in most known sites and blogs, through the World, from China to Finland, and from Lebanon to Mexico !