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First Favorites

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First favorites


The fashion season has started and everyone has already run away from the cold and snowy NYC to more fashion–friendly Milan. Meanwhile, between those has occurred London’s fashion week (by the way, it has been incredibly short) and I have not even noticed, when the shows have ended. However, I would like to head back to New York. Personally, NYC is always my first choice, because there take place my favorite shows and, of course, appear unique street style “possessors”. At the time Italian designers are showing the world, how everyone should look like in the next autumn/winter, I would love to talk about, what caught my attention in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. So, let’s begin!


Diesel Black Gold.

I do not like colours and the best option for me is the total black look, so when I saw those leather jackets, skirts with square metal discs and perfect tailored leather pants (low on the hips and unzipped at the ankle) they were something I can’t get out of my head and can’t wait, until I will try something similar for myself. Aw, and what about those mini dresess!

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Alexander Wang

The bags were the first and the last thing, which I caught myself dreaming about, at the coolest boy collection in NYC. Even though, he has one foot in New York (and another in Paris), everything has been going really great. All the times. Those various highly structured bags appeared like the objects of another planet, which have been living a separate life as well as playing a remarkable game. And they won.

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Calvin Klein

On the one hand, Alexander Wang designed the most perfect bags, on the other, Calvin Klein could  be awarded as the creator of the most incredible shoes of the season. It has always been never ending fight between the comfort and beauty. I think, the true artist’s duty is to create something new, however, equally relevant is to find a way to recreate something old. And this collection was about that.







So, those were my favorites for now, though, we still have the upcoming fashion shows of Milan and Paris. Can’t wait!


Author:  Aida Ivanauskaite

Catwalk vs. Sidewalk

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About a year ago a fashion journalist Suzy Menkes wrote an interesting article called “The Circus of Fashion”, which inspired long discussions about the phenomenon of street style. She wrote:


„Today, the people outside fashion shows are more like peacocks than crows. They pose and preen, in their multipatterned dresses, spidery legs balanced on club-sandwich platform shoes, or in thigh-high boots under sculptured coats blooming with flat flowers“.



That is absolutely right. The action outside the fasion shows’ can be considered as much important as what happens on the official runway. Or perhaps – more important? A few months after Fern Mallis, the former executive director of the CFDA and the creator of New York Fashion Week, opened another discussion. There was emphasized the recent trend in fashion shows, where the first row of the show is reserved for bloggers and therefore buyers are sitting on the third. An interesting question arises out of this problem – should bloggers be banned in the fashion weeks?


This video gives another perspective.


Consequently, what is happening? Is the fashion playground getting too small? Or are we facing  the new trend, though, have not been able to realise it yet? The last five years I was observing (and still do) this rapidly growing power of bloggers and street style photographers. In this case, all I could say that they changed and influenced fashion industry a lot. Definitely, when a new player gets in the game, others usually are not happy about it. However, in this particular case we should not refer only to becoming more or less powerful. I believe, it is precisely about more opportunities and possibilities. As Tim Blank once put it that the bloggers „can be part of dialogue“. Personally, I think, it is amazing how something, at first sight, so usual – people‘s style and time before the show – have grown into the time to take advantage of and to get where one’s what – into the fashion industry. At the end, despite all those discussions, it still is all about the clothes.




Aida Ivanauskaite