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Fashion action


Nowadays we can‘t separate fashion, social networks and media in general. Millions of pictures, many articles about everything and films/short videos, which I would like to talk about. Personally, and was never a fan of films. I can‘t explain why. But I like videos (maybe duration is the problem?).  Not as much as pictures, but there are many short films created by an amazing artist. Or some are just just taken while shooting an editorial. Here are my favorites.


This video, I think, was the first fashion video I saw. Until now I really like it. It‘s just something about those sexy and strong girls and their attitude, which can‘t be faked.



What Hedi Slimane is doing for Saint Laurent, only can be described as contemporary fashion in the best ways. And this music project is the example, when I was talking about collaborations between amazingly talented artists.



Jeanette Hayes and Jen Brill made this film for LOVE magazine at Proenza Schouler Boutique in New York. I like this mix between digital and live moment here. And the soundtrack is the best. Katie Got Bandz with the song „Pretty N Paid“ did everything perfect for us to feel this laid back fashion vibe.