Festival “Mados infekcija” –  position helded like “Vilnius Fashion Week”


2014 03 21-23


Vilnius Contemporary Art Center


Fashion Infection (“Mados infekcija”). Though its organizers claim it is a fashion festival and invite you to visit it 21-23 March in Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, we must warn you: it may be really contagious! 
This is what organizers of the Fashion Infection festival say about it:

Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) – is the most prominent annual fashion festival in Lithuania. It is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 3 day free and ticketed public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together. Such interaction inspires young, creative talents to search for new fashion forms and expressions and gives an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas among the participants.

Mados Infekcija was started in 1999. Once a year (in spring) its schedule involves catwalk shows, exhibitions, seminars, show-rooms and free events for fashion devotees.

The festival is distinguished for its conceptuality. The aim of the event is not to show and create trends or to be a fashion dictator, but to help people to develop an individual style and attitude towards fashion and to apply the knowledge in everyday life. Bohemian spirit, extraordinary and unconventional fashion shows, the fuse of music, video, photography and other fields of art make the festival a unique 3-day experience of fashion which takes place in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. Mados Infekcija breaks traditional boundaries of fashion weeks as it is available for everybody and has the purpose to spread the knowledge of fashion among people.

Mados Infekcija is an opportunity to see leading and famous style and fashion faces from France (Richard Rene, Sakina M’sa, Seiko Taki, Stephanie Coudert), Italy (Massimo Crivelli), the UK (Andrew Logan, Jojo&Malou, Siv Stodal, Jean-Pierre Braganza, Alistair Carr), Spain (Carlos Diez Diez, Kira Sacarelo), Russia (Denis Simaciov, Aliona Achmadulina) and Lithuania showcasing their collections together with upcoming designers.

From the beginning festival has already brought up a new generation of Lithuanian designers such as Agnė Kuzmickaitė, Giedrius Paulauskas, Vitalis Čepkauskas, Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė, Laura Dailidėnienė, Kristina Kruopienytė, Giedrius Šarkauskas, Sonata Bylaitė.

Since 2008 there is special award for rising designers.



PART I1. Ieva Daugirdaitė
2. Dovilė Cibulskaitė ir Ana Romanova [ Injekcija ]PART II3. Tribe by Marina & Donata
4. Lilija Larionova
5. Kristar Design by Kristina VikørenPART III

6. Vitalija Malyško [ Injekcija ]
7. Eglė Žiemytė [ D.EFECT ]

PART I1. Kristina Kruopienytė
2. Tatsiana Grakova [ Injekcija, Russia ]PART II3. Akvilė Jančauskaitė [ Injekcija ]
4. Grosser Heinrich [ Germany ]
5. Ugnė Martinaitytė [ Injekcija ]PART III

6. Wali Mohammed Barrech [ Denmark ]
7. Sandra Straukaitė


MARCH 23 D., SUNDAY, 5:00 PM
PART I1. Diana Paukštytė2. Laura Dailidėnienė [ Daili ]PART II3. Lina Gudanavičiūtė
4. Eva Baliul


5. Marc Le Bihan [ France ]
6. Egidijus Sidaras mados namams „Cantas“

You will find   more information about the festival at www.madosinfekcija.lt
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