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Business line: Fashion Apparel / Bags / Jewelry / Interior Glass.

Brand description: Daili is a Lithuanian fashion design brand. It was launched in 2003 and became famous for the clothing line, leather bags, and exceptional jewelry. Each season professional designer Laura Daili kicks up a new collection with its signature label style. Exclusiveness lies in our pure, minimalistic, Baltic like concepts. LauraDaili collections have been displayed in different exhibitions and fashion shows around the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Lvov, Riga, Vienna, and Vilnius.

Philosophy: Fashion is fragile like glass but unstoppable as time!

Daili team is based on young and powerful movement. We draw inspiration from day life to craft simple but attractive designs. Our person is a young woman, who wants to feel unforgettable. Our hot products have Cityscape printed clothes, t-shirts, and origami-inspired Owl symbol.
Dailidesign exclusivity – is a clear concept of its purified and European quality, while the inspiration comes from nature and fills in minimal, beautiful creations. Creative design products. The company and there working designers are professionals.


head designer – Laura Dailideniene /
Profesional fashion designer Laura Dailidenienė is a creative force behind the Daili fashion line. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2007, and has been showing her collections since 2004 in Lithuanian Fashion Week Fashion Infection. Prior to the launch of Fashion Infection Laura was showing her collections in various local and international exhibitions as well as fashion shows. As early as 1999 she won first place at Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, bringing Lithuania and her catwalk collection to the International Fashion Awards show in China (Hong-Kong)… More


director – Viktoras Dailidėnas /
CEO at the company LTD ‘Dailidesign’ since 2013
He is known as glass artist, glass designer, graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Supporting young movements in arts & fashion. Currently preparing for exhibitions and intense attention to Dailidesign activity. He is a member of LDS (Lithuanian Artists’ Association) CV


IT – Liudas Sodonis / Program Development /


Coordinator – Rasa Dicpetryte – Bloze /


 Ieva Kulikauskaite
Coordinator assistant – Ieva Kulikauskaite /
Aiste Kumponaitė
Coordinator – Aiste Kumponaite /


Cool, easy, chic looks with youthful elegance and unmistakable signature style LAURA DAILI VILNIUS – has been creating well-designed collections since 2003. The brand offers feminine designs delivering stylish separates and statement dresses which has since evolved into a full ready-to-wear collection in which every item is a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe.


LAURA DAILI other known as Laura Dailideniene is one of the most famous Lithuanian designers. Notorious for her clothing line, exceptional jewelry and leather bags. Laura Dailidediene has launched her ‘Dailidesign’ fashion company in 2003 and ever since became famous for her signature style, constructed designs and inherent cuts. Laura Dailideniene has an impressive recognition not only in Lithuania, but also by clients from all around the world. Designer has presented her collections in such events like “Fashion Infection” in Lithuania, Chicago Fashion Week, “Fashion for Europe” in Austria, “Design Tokyo 2017” and many more. Her fashion shows are usually as impressive as her designs. One of the latest shows took place in Lithuania, in Neries shore where models were heading from the boat right onto the catwalk. The event itself was described as one of the most spectacular fashion events in Lithuania in 2017.
When asked, Laura Dailideniene believes that it is not hard to become a well-known fashion designer if you work hard and persistently strive to achieve the best results. However, it is easier to became known in a small country, yet the competition will remain as large as in the bigger lands. “To succeed in developing a business, you need to not be afraid of new challenges, sometimes take risks and make the right decisions.” –designer adds.
LAURA DAILI describes her client as an ‘expert’, whereas her designs are not inconspicuous strait away, but when observed closely – they will make anyone feel extraordinary.
Our lesson and advice, after 20 years on stage. Keep going!   – first never follows!


2019 Baltic Design Stories (BDS)

2016 Nacionalinės Kūrybinių ir Kultūrinių Industrijų Asociacija (NKIKIA)

2009 Lithuanian Artist’s Association / Lietuvos Dailininkų Sajunga (LDS)

2005 Lietuvos Autorių Teisių Gynimo Asociacija (LATGAA)

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