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It was not long time ago, when i wrote about collections for AW14/15 and now it is October and almost all collections for Spring/Summer 2015 were presented. It is only for me time runs so quickly? Anyways, I will write review, what was interesting for me, but now I want to talk about Chanel and where Karl Lagerfeld brought us to his SS15 show.

Karl Lagerfeld is a master, no doubt. I always respect, what he is doing, but after SS15 finale I took a different look. I was always interested in women’s rights. Last year Beyonce created a new album and made a statement, that she is a feminist. A few weeks ago Emma Watson took a speech about women’s rights and new project ‘HeForShe’. So it is good to see that fashion also gives a perspective and an opinion about it.

There are some significant and important facts about 20 century, which marked our history. Karl Lagerfeld had chosen one of the most important riot – student protest in Paris in 1968 with a focus on feminism.

Models with placards unveiled intentions, which was behind this show – “History is her story’, ‘Ladies First’, ‘Feminist but Feminine’ (Feministe Main Feminine).

Karl didn’t forget men’s (one carried a placard with ‘HeForShe’ sight (project for gender equality)) and reminded, that feminism is important for both, men and women.

What do you think about it?

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