Stump – Year Counter

Stump – Year Counter

stiklas (32)

This art piece comes from glass symposium ‚Glass Garden‘ in 2005 Panevezys Lithuania. Glass designer Viktoras Dailidenas create it with an idea of humanity use a tree‚  „people and nature relationship observing“.

glasbruecke 2008 (680)



I tried to pay attention to how a person calculates the tree year .. order to know how many trees during one count tree rings. So I’m sure incase rings with a mirror and the carved artificial rings .. thus forcing the viewer to count their years rather than tree years.year counter (1)


year counter (8)



year counter (7)




Mama kiek man metu..

Viktoras Dailidėnas Mirror Stump


These stumps “Year Counters“ visited many exhibitions particular attention to them had 2008 exhibitions in Dresden ‘Baltic Way’ and  ‘Long Night of Museums Berlin’ , ‘Glasbruecke’ in Berlin, Germany.

Dailidesign still produce them, and the future plans to expand their range .


Viktoras Dailidenas 2013; foto- Reda Mickeviciute


glass designer Viktoras Dailidenas


Dailidesign Clock (1) [Desktop Resolution]


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