Laura Dailideniene – Eastern Purity

Laura Dailideniene – Eastern Purity

[By Niccolò Montanari]

Today we fly all the way to the East, to Lithuania, a land with an upcoming, flourishing fashion market. This country hosts one of the most interesting fashion events of the past few years: Mados infekcija. It could be described as more of a fashion festival than a fashion week, in which emerging talent, national as well international, is solidly supported. We’d like focus on one of its yearly participants, Laura Dailideniene, whose skills within the creative field range from modern art to jewellery and fashion design. 



Laura Dailideniene graduated in 1998 from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and since then she has been taking part in various fashion shows across the world, such as the “European Fashion Days” in Vilnius in 2005 and the “Art to Wear” exhibition in New York in 2008.


Her style appears simple and classic, though at a closer look each garments stands out through specific details. Be that the colour, the finish, the cut or the shape, this label seems to have found the right balance between being classically wearable and painstakingly experimental.


This process took some time. If one were to examine Laura Dailideniene’s earlier collections, it would be evident that a certain raw and untouched feel gradually dissipated as we moved towards her later collection. Her latest one, Fungi, reflects an initial benign ensemble, with a bitter and lethal aftertaste.

Once again the simplicity of each piece is complemented by a specific, noticeable element, which takes nothing away from the garment’s elegance, but that on the contrary adds and emphasises its structure.

writen by Niccolò Montanari