atsisiųsti Wrote a review about ‘Daili’ designer LAURA DAILIDENIENE’S  COLLECTION, read YOURSELF ! Thanks  LEO !   Let’s take a look at the best creations from the latest Daili Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 season collection entitled “Aves.” The show was presented during fashion festival “Fashion Infection” in Vilnius. The Fall season was inspired by the bird’s feather motif. We see new patterns, this time it’s inspired by the lightness of mystery, marble-like pattern, which is combined with graphic lines. The fabrics include specifically treated cotton, wool, silk, jacquard knitwear. The minimalistic layers make this collection look fabulous and sophisticated. Why does everything looks so attractive, well, I think it’s because of the exclusiveness, pure minimalistic touches of Baltic/Nordic culture. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-1-600x450 Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-4-600x906 Here we see a rich blue puffer poncho paired with navy slouchy fit pencil trousers. In love with high sole golden lace-up shoes. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-5-600x906 Nylon rich blue glossy jacket with wide, shortened sleeves looks awesome worn atop navy shift. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-6-600x906 Fashion model appears on the runway wearing a loose-fit, elongated light grey pullover styled with printed leggings. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-7-600x910 In love with this wrap, belted grey blue exaggerated coat. It’s an ideal cover-up for day and evening occasions. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-8-600x906 Blue grey shirtdress looks elegant styled with wide, long dark blue wool scarf. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-9-600x917 Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-10-600x906 Here we see a collarless grey blue wrap coat which is worn atop lightweight tee that is tucked in beige cream knee-length lace shorts. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-11-600x906 Shapless sky blue dress looks awesome embellished with feathers. The look is finished thanks to light grey scarf and glossy black leather booties. Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-2-600x900 Laura-Dailideniene-Daili-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Aves-3-600x400 Source:

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