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Laura Daili

As a fashion designer, I’m inspired by the simple things, because for me, life – is creation.

My work is full of exploration, Baltic restraint, and aesthetics, and I present design through my own prism, which is at the same time modern and ephemeral. I enjoy creating conceptual and clear fashion for youthful people.

I grew up in a family where my parents raised me to be responsible and creative, and I have always been surrounded by a very creative environment, as my family is surrounded by architects, artists, and musicians.

My grandfather was a music teacher, a conductor, he played various instruments, violin, accordion, piano. My grandfather’s brother was a poet, writer and public figure, his daughter and my  aunt is the British music band „The Kinks“ soul and co-songwriter, and the wife of lead singer Ray Davies.

As a fashion student, I had a predisposition for the sense of beauty, for sensitivity, for conveying an interest in art. That intuition helped me to participate in various projects and competitions. I met my husband, Viktoras Dailidėnas, during my studies, and we began a love story that continues not only in our lives but also in our carier. He is a glass and stained-glass artist and designer. His origins are also in culture and art, Viktor’s great-grandfather was a book carrier, and his grandfather was a library founder. His parents are contemporary painters, his sister is a professional art critic working and living in Paris. living in such an environment, I always feel the pulse of art around me, I often visit exhibitions, and I get inspiration from walking the streets of Vilnius and Paris, as well as the streets of other European capitals.

I am grateful to destiny that I have met such a close to my soul person with whom it is easy to live together and at the same time to participate in the creative process. Viktoras and I work together on art projects. As a designer, I have always been inspired by the lightness, purity and glassiness, and my Laura Daili clothing collections are often accompanied by glassy details, sharpness, glassy translucent fabrics, surfaces. I present sustainable fashion that respects nature and people. That’s why I choose the fabrics for my collections responsibly, I often use natural materials such as linen, cotton, and degradable synthetic fibers try to convey current ideas in fashion, which are always in the air, and as a designer, I interpret them in my own way and adapt them to what is being worn. My clothes are worn by youthful and brave personalities, and I try to make them comfortable and easy to move in. The fabric patterns in the collection are always authentic and new, and the designs are based on my own sketches and drawings, as well as photos I have taken of nature or other subjects, and sometimes I use my children’s drawings.

 “Laura Daili” Evening wear line is spectacular, it must leave a memorable impression!

Sculptural dresses, combined with unexpected details and glass jewellery.

I am happy to be able to realize myself in what I love to do, and most importantly, to bring joy to my fans and customers .

2.         My story

Laura Daili – my Fortune

My story as a designer began when I was studying at the University of the Arts and was invited to take part in an international fashion competition with the theme “Virtual Nature”. As I have been very interested in nature and its phenomena since I was a child, I decided to create bird-inspired costumes. I used faux leather and cotton for the costume and imitated the bird’s feathers by hand over 3 months of embroidering carefully cut-up garbage bags, thus creating a unique and one-of-a-kind sustainable artwork. I won first place at Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, bringing Lithuania and my catwalk collection to the International Fashion Awards show in China (Hong-Kong).

And after that when I got such great experience and suggestions how to survive in fashion world, straight from world fashion leaders my works were appreciated by fashion graders designer John Rocha, Antonio Berardi, Matthew Williamson’s, supermodel Jodie Kidd and others.

I cherish this experience very much, because it was my starting point as a designer, from which I continue to create collections and take part in a lot of different shows all over the world – in Austria, Berlin, Philadelphia (USA), Ukraine, the Netherlands, Latvia, and yearly in Lithuania.

I value a professional approach to work, and I try to remain professional myself, which is why I produce seasonal collections every year.

As a designer, I am inspired by my everyday perception of the world and my surroundings.

The reality of the world around me is also a big part of my creative potential, which  work. I like to challenge myself and then make it happen. For example, my husband and I come up with a theme, a topic, and a date for ourselves as a big task that we absolutely have to complete. This leads to incredible projects that turn into annual big events, exhibitions, fashion shows.

My brand is called “Laura Daili” and it is none other than the designer Laura Dailidėnienė. After my wedding I got this surname, our family surname dictated the true direction of our creativity. Because in Lithuanian (Daili) means beautiful, pleasant.

It naturally became my brand, easy understandable and recognizable. So, I try to spread the idea of beauty, femininity, and longevity through my creations.

Brand Story

Our brand is a family business, our products were launched in 2003 by the union of two creators – Laura (fashion design) and Viktoras (glass design). The joint collaboration of the creators opened a wide door to the world, resulting in the birth of unique and high-quality products. Both are graduates of art universities and have devoted their lives to their passionate creativity. Their goal is always to create a more beautiful future for all those who want to live a more beautiful and enjoyable life. A pleasant and beautiful life is always close at hand, you just must feel it in the simple things. That is what Laura Daili’s work is all about.

Located in the center of Vilnius, our studio is more like a creative space or a meeting place. It is where all our ideas are born. It’s where we discuss our future plans with members of the Laura Daili team, and a place where we meet with our clients.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where we are currently based, is a cozy city with a grand old history, a really beautiful capital, surrounded by forests and rivers, and with many parks, nature reserves and castles. A city in the heart of Europe. This is my home and I enjoy everything that I treasure. I enjoy visiting the Baltic Sea, where I go to the beach to collect clear amber. That’s why my work is full of exploration, Baltic restraint, and aesthetics.

The first official Laura Daili store in Vilnius was opened in 2015.

Laura Daili is very actively involved in all the most interesting projects in her native country; However, the brand is also successfully interested in foreign opportunities, actively participating in more than 20 clothing, accessories and glass jewellery collections that are widely presented around the world. From New York, Philadelphia, Europe from Amsterdam, Riga, Vienna, Berlin and, of course, the native city of Vilnius to Asia in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Lithuanian language is one of the oldest and most archaic living languages in the world, dating back almost 5000 years, it is closely related to Sanskrit, Latin, and Ancient Greek. It is an Eastern Baltic language belonging to the Baltic Branch of the Indo – European language family.