Fashion brand ‘Laura Daili’

Brand Story

Youthful, progressive, innovative – Laura Daili is one of the Lithuanian most renowned clothing brand which is led by vision of contemporary and sustainable fashion. Our mission is to combine nature and modernity in our products.

We believe that designer clothing is timeless due to its classic designs and enduring appeal. We take great pride in crafting our clothes from only the highest quality materials, and believe that our clothing offers a sense of luxury and exclusivity that can truly elevate your personal style. Whether you prefer more classical or contemporary styles, we are confident that our Laura Daili clothes can help you feel stylish and confident for years to come. Attention to detail is very important, the garment may have classic shapes, but the details will convey its uniqueness, the signature of the Laura Daili brand.

“Laura Daili” evening wear line full of sculptural dresses, combined with unexpected details and glass jewellery is spectacular, creating a memorable impression!

Fashion designer Laura Daili

Laura Dailidėnienė – the main designer of Laura Daili has kept the brand grounded to its name, which In Lithuanian means beautiful, artistic, and pleasant. There is no coincidence that the surname meaning dictated the brand’s direction of creativity. It naturally became our brand, easily understandable and recognizable. So, we try to spread the idea of beauty, femininity, and longevity through our creations.

Laura Daili & Viktoras Dailidenas

Our brand is a family business, our products were launched in 1999 by the union of two creators – Laura (fashion design) and Viktoras (glass design). The collaboration of the creators opened a wide door to the world, resulting in the birth of unique and high-quality products. Both are graduates of art universities and have devoted their lives to their passionate creativity. Their goal is always to create a more beautiful future for all those who want to live a more charming and enjoyable life. A pleasant and fulfilling life is always close at hand, you just must feel it in the simple things. That is what Laura Daili’s work is all about.

Our every achievement wouldn’t have originated without a place we call our second home – Laura Daili studio. Located in the center of Vilnius, our studio is more like a creative space or a meeting place. It is where all our ideas are born. It’s where we discuss our future plans with Laura Daili team, and a place where we meet with our clients.

The first official Laura Daili store in Vilnius was opened in 2015.

Laura Daili Vilnius | Fashion Design Store
Fashion designer Laura Dailideniene
Laura Daili fashion store in Vilnius
Sharp dress collection
Laura Daili store/studio in Vilnius

Laura Daili is actively involved in the most interesting projects of her native country; However, the brand is also successfully interested in foreign opportunities, actively participating with fashion collections that are widely presented around the world: from New York, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Riga, Vienna, Berlin to Hong Kong and Tokyo. So, with our open heart, we are keen to introduce ourselves widely here. Sincere thanks to all the people for their trust and faith in our creation.

Laura Daili
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