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Balthasar Brussels (17)

Brussels postcard
Romantic, luxurious, ancient. At the front door of this house, mystical sensations take over almost every time. It seems – Cinderella has just been here in her carriage and a shining crystal shoe is hiding somewhere. Maybe – the red carpet on the outside of the mysterious building leads me to such emotions. For me, it symbolizes a royal protocol and opens up fantasy flights about ancient and beautiful fairy tales. This time – it’s not quite a story about a fairy tale, a legend. About a specific house – in the Grand Sablon square, engraved with the number – 40. The story is built from sketches of testimonies from different times. All I have to do is open the historical veils of the intriguing house, which started just a century ago – in 1921.

Balthasar Brussels (2)

Balthasar Brussels (1) Balthasar Brussels (4) Balthasar Brussels (6) Balthasar Brussels (8) Balthasar Brussels (18)

Still on the first floor of the building – gilded and gorgeous paintings from the luxurious “fur age” of the last century. Yes, the house was built for the needs of the fur manufacturer Raymond Mallien’s family, architects Victor Diricks and Jacques Barbotin. The exterior of the house reflects eclecticism, strong Neo-Renaissance architectural patterns. The house once hosted fur fashion shows, while the upper floors of the building were decorated with luxurious clothes and coats, which was one of the most notable fashion studios in Brussels.
In the 1970s, there was a post office and a postal museum. However, at the beginning of this century, the building housed Pierre Bergé, the life and business partner of fashion artist Yves Saint Laurent, and his art auction house. I also remember that seven years ago, the exquisite French pastry La Durée had found its home.
However, the combination of externally antique styles continues to amaze and change its interior expressions. The red carpet is just an introduction to Balthasar Brussels. It is a bold, innovative arena for art projects, a shop-gallery – with luxurious crystal chandeliers of the past, wall paintings with gilded frames, which merge with new designs, works of art, clothing, furniture, coffee and wine. It’s not a “concept store”, it’s a lifestyle. It is easy to enjoy a journey into the new dimensions of the world of design and fashion, as the new owners of the building themselves proclaim. The biggest surprise of “Balthasar Brussels” is the clothes, jewelry, dishes of the Baltic designers – on the second floor. They fit very organically, masterfully and talentedly and do not fall out of the overall concept of an art project. I can only say – bravo, bravo – about the works of Baltic designers in the center of Brussels. I am always very reserved about the exhibitions of Latvian artists in our embassies and representations. The artist can then say that the works have been in Paris, Brussels, elsewhere, but embassies are and remain closed areas, inaccessible to the general public on a daily basis. Of course, our compatriots living abroad are happy – about the opportunity to see the local culture in their home countries, having a few foreign friends at the opening of the exhibition against the background of the artists’ work. However, each of our embassies abroad is and will remain only Latvia.
Baltic design has now entered the historic house of Brussels, it continues the dialogue with every visitor of Balthasar Brussels. Maybe, you ask – too ambitious? Here I am immediately reminded of Rodolf Rapetti, curator of the exhibition (Unaccustomed Souls. Symbolism in the Baltic States “dedicated to the centenary of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia at the Orsay Museum in Paris): It can be there. It’s done! ”
Yes, also – the work of Baltic designers is worthy of being in the very center of Brussels, and everyone who has become the Latvian Minister of Culture, the Latvian Institute, should work with such precise goals, putting our culture and art in the centers of the world and not in the suburbs. Sometimes it’s a well-known issue of financial resources, but with grandiose and ambitious ideas, willpower sometimes tends to be stronger and unlocks the password for digit combinations in bank accounts. Strong visions, dreams always win and find a way to followers.
It was also my unexpected adventure when a gallery worker encouraged me to climb on the roof of a historic building to look at the snow-capped peaks of Brussels. Everything is possible as long as we climb the stairs … Placing a black and white striped zebra statue under the crystal chandeliers in the hallway of Balthasar Brussels is also a possible and extraordinary art mission. Only – up! Only – let’s not look back – in the relentlessly declining past. We will not change it, but the creative future is only in our own talented hands …


Balthasar 5 Balthasar 15 Balthasar Brussels (5) Balthasar Brussels (7) Balthasar Brussels (9) Balthasar Brussels (10) Balthasar Brussels (11) Balthasar Brussels (12) Balthasar Brussels (13) Balthasar Brussels (14) Balthasar Brussels (16) Balthasar Brussels (19) Balthasar Brussels (20) Balthasar Brussels Laura Daili Jewelry Bouzouk6 Designers by Patrick Bya



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“Baltic Design Stories” is located at

Balthasar Brussels

(Sablon 40, 1000, Brussels) 1st floor and are loaded with brilliant works of selected Baltic desingers.

It’s a world of divine texture, sparkle, class, elegance, uniqueness & even you my end up leaving a store with your new badass bicycle
Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (1) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (2) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (3) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (4) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (5) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (6) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (7) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (8) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (9) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar Baltic Design Stories (10)
baltazar (1) baltazar (2) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar (1) Laura Daili Brussels Balthasar (2)


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Barbie, the famous fashion doll brand, has struck several license deals with top European labels in preparation for its 60th anniversary next year.


The biggest deal is a worldwide partnership with major skincare and cosmetics brand Sephora to introduce 15 new products, including lipsticks and mascaras, that will be promoted digitally and via Instagram.In France, the brand has also secured a fashion partnership with a high-end sunglasses brand, and will launch a professional shampoo range with Generik, Paris. Additionally, it teamed up with publishing house Assouline and announced a number of sport partnerships.In the UK, bag brand Spiral has launched a summer collection featuring Barbie logos and colourways, which was sold via Asos and TruffleShuffle. SS19 will see apparel and headwear licensee Drew Pearson launch a range of Barbie accessories in celebration of the brand’s 60th anniversary.

Primark, which supported the Barbie brand this year, has extended the partnership with a cross-category takeover planned for 2019.

In Italy, Barbie has partnered with Italian tennis sportswear brand Sergio Tacchini to launch a range of woman and girl tennis clothing and accessories, including cami tops and wristbands.

Meanwhile in Poland, Barbie has signed license agreements with Polish clothing brands Sinsay and Mohito, accessories retailer Paso and mugs and thermos cups brand Dajar. Cosmetics brand Uroda will also launch a personal care range for the brand.

By Barbara Santamaria for FASHION network

In Lithuania, famous fashion designers got asked to create doll clothes, for Barbies 60th anniversary. It will be very interesting to see how things will look after they did it !

designer Laura Daili get Barbie doll (2)


More about it read here!



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Profesional fashion designer Laura Daili (Laura Dailideniene)

Dizainerė Laura Daili foto Reda Mickeviciute – kopija

Foto: Reda Mickeviciute

She is creative force behind FASHION HOUSE DAILI

She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2007 . Prior to the launch of “Daili” Laura was showing her collections in various local and international exhibitions as well as fashion shows. As early as 1999 she won first place at Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, bringing Lithuania and her catwalk collection to the International Fashion Awards show in China (Hong-Kong).

Smirnoff Fashion Award finalas Lietuvoje, apdovanojimai (1) – kopija Zwolle Olandija kolekcijos pristatymas (2) – kopija

Hong Kongas '99 - 2000 konkurso 'Smirnoff Fashion Awards' finalas , renginys vyko savaitę.  (3) – kopija


And after that when  she gets such great experience and suggestions how to survive in fashion world, straight from world fashion leaders (for that time), her works are appreciated fashion grande as designer John Rocha, Matthew Williamson’s, supermodel Jodie Kidd and others.

Laura stop – never!

Lauros Dailidenienes prekes zenklo 'Daili' pristatymas Austrijoje Vienoje (33) - Kopija - Kopija


Every year she (Laura Daili)  prepare two seasonal collections

She still take part in a lot of different shows all over the world.  Meet her in Chicago Fashion Week  2016 @FashionBarChicago


Laura Daili FW collection Chicago Fashion Week , Monique Boutique, foto Darel White  (6)


or in  Vienna State Opera in Austria.


Laura Dailideniene fashion for europe  Laura Daili

Laura Daili Viktoras Dailidenas Liliana Klein

Laura Daili Vilnius FASHION FOR EUROPE (14)

Laura Daili Vilnius FASHION FOR EUROPE (17)

Or just on Tokyo streets ;)

Laura Dailideniene  Tokyo Daili (2)

designer Laura Daili catwalk on riverside Vilnius



designer lithuania fashion catwalk daili Laura Daili designer Lithuania Laura Daili fashion show

Short dossier



2000-2007  Vilnius Academy of Art  (fashion design), bachelor’s degree, M.A. course

1997-2000   Kaunas College of Art  (fashion design)



2019 Personal Fashion Show “Laura Daili 20’20″,  Marriott Courtyard Vilnius

2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, international fashion festival “Fashion Infection” Vilnius, Lithuania.

2017 “Design Tokyo 2017″, (“LauraDaili” Booth)

2016 Collection “Laura Daili 2017 S/S” , festival ‘Fashion For Europe’, Vienna, Austria

2016 Personal Fashion Show “Laura Daili 2017 S/S” , Neris riverside, Center of  Vilnius

2016 Collection “Aves”  Chicago Fashion Week” ’17F/W Fashionbar Chicago, USA

2015 Collection “Daili Vilnius 15S/S” at “FASHION FOR EUROPE” fashion show of “Eurovision Song Contest 2015″ Vienna, Austria

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, international fashion festival “Fashion Infection” Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 Riga Fashion Week ’15 S/S

2010  Collection “Daili”, art, jewellery and fashion exhibition “G9″ Vilnius

2009  “ Ozone”, exhibition in Jurbarkas, Lithuania

2009  Collection “Ozone”, fashion and art exhibition Gedimino av. 9 Vilnius

2008  jewellery  exhibition ”Art To Wear” Gallery “Something-Unexpected” New York, USA

2007   melting project “Track in Ice” gal. “Gallery XX” Panevezys.

2007  “Fortuna privata” project “Fashion otherwise”, “Scarecrow “on the crest of the wave””

2007    festival “Art in Unusual Places” project “Designers for Ecology”

2007    melting project “Track in Ice” gal. “Artima” Vilnius

2006    “National Fashion Design Association” member.

2006   “Amber Trip Fashion Show” Vilnius

2005   “European fashion days” collection “Past In The Future”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2004   “Baltic style” fashion collection (Litexpo) Vilnius, Lithuania.

2003   “Kitch-me” Accesorry exhibition, Gallery.”Akademija” Vilnius, Lithuania.

2002, 2001, 2000, “Kaunas Jazz” fashion festival. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001   “Fashion, Art, Music” fashion competition, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001, 2000, “Antipodium” avant-garde fashion festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001   “International competition of fashion design” Lviv, Ukraine.

2000   “International Hanze Dagen Festval” Zwolle, Holland.

1999   “Smirnoff Fashion Awards” 1-st place and take part to participate Lithuania with fashion collection in Hong Kong, CHINA  “International Fashion Awards”, where works have been judged by impressive jury: A.Berardi, J.Rocha, M.Williamson, model J.Kidd


Brand Daili Activity:

2019 “Designer Space”, Vilnius , Kaunas, Palanga

2018 “Designer Space”, Vilnius

2017 “Design Tokyo 2017″ Booth No: E74-30

2016 “Fashion For Europe” Vienna State Opera, Austria

2016 “Laura Daili 2017 S/S” personal fashion show , Vilnius

2016 “Chicago Fashion Week” ’17F/W Fashionbar Chicago, USA

2015 “Riga Fashion Week” ’15 S/S Riga, Latvia

2015 “Fashion For Europe” Vienna , Austria

2014 “BBB” or “Bread & Butter” Berlin, Germany

2013 “Interior Lifestyle” Tokyo, Japan

2013 “Contemporary Craft Show” Philadelphia, USA