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After a long time “Laura Daili”  goes to Kaunas , for Christmas PopUp “Designer Space”

laura daili jewelry




M i e s t o • m o t e r i a i -
į k v ė p i m a s • iš • g a m t o s

Kalėdinis **Designer Space** Pop-Up Kaune
dalyvaus L a u r a • D a i l i d ė n i e n ė -
viena profesionaliausių ir nuolat kuriančių Lietuvos dizainerių.

Ji kasmet pristato savo drabužių bei papuošalų kolekcijas. Lauros biografijoje – daug surengtų parodų, dalyvautų konkursų bei apdovanojimų.

Dalyvauta mados savaitėse ir tarptautinėse parodose, Rygoje, Tokijuje, Niujorke, Vienoje, Hongkonge, Berlyne, Filadelfijoje, Čikagoje ir daugiau.

Dizainerė turi prekinį ženklą “Daili”, įkurtą 2003 m., kuris turi gausų būrį gerbėjų dėl savito ir unikalaus braižo.

Drabužiai pasižymi kokybe, išskirtiniu kirpimu, švariomis linijomis, netradicinėmis detalėmis bei audinių parinkimu.

Stiklo papuošalų liniją iš sidabro, stiklo ir augalų Laura kuria kartu su savo vyru, stiklo menininku Viktoru Dailidėnu.

Dalinamės naujausiu Lauros interviu…/laura-dailideniene-seimos-laime-susid…

Mados Dizainerių Pop Up **Designer Space** bus galima pamatyti bei įsigyti naujausios “Laura Daili” kolekcijos drabužių, stiklo papuošalų, bei ankstesnių kolekcijų limituoto tiražo gaminių.

Pasimatome jau greitai!
Laura Dailidėnienė

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5 FACTS, about brand ‘Daili’



1. STABILITY. ‘Daili’ – it’s one of the first’s Lithuanian fashion brands.

2. PROFESSIONALISM. here works  a professional fashion designer Laura Dailidėnienė.

3. CONSISTENCY. every year we create 2 seasonal collections  and do it already for 13 years.

4. RECOGNITION. ‘Daili’ ‘is a recognized fashion brand abroad and it’s always represents Lithuania.

5. DAILI - are always a step ahead !


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Kolba - lašas (6)

Kolba - lašas (8)

Kolba - lašas (9)


Vase “Rain Vase” made by Dailidesign, vase without bottom unique glass product, created in 2013.

Two position vase! It easily can be hung near the window, and if you no longer want …

it can be stand on plastic ring-plate. I noticed that every piece that I do, I have to show how it works. Otherwise, people just do not realize their plans to use the item, why and how to make it work? (said glass artist Viktoras Dailidenas)

Kolba - lašas (3)


herbukas spaudui


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How  it looks? How  it  goes? How is fast? How it’s hot?

Yes it is !



The 21st season of the RIGA FASHION WEEK were in Riga , Podium Palace, starts October 28 till November 1, 2014.

RFW Daili 2014 SS (6)


Inside is cosy , and atmosphere getting heating…


RFW Daili 2014 SS (1)

RFW Daili 2014 SS (7) RFW Daili 2014 SS (9) RFW Daili 2014 SS (12) RFW Daili 2014 SS (13)

RFW Daili 2014 SS (15) RFW Daili 2014 SS (16) RFW Daili 2014 SS (17)

RFW Daili 2014 SS (18) RFW Daili 2014 SS (19) RFW Daili 2014 SS (20) RFW Daili 2014 SS (23) RFW Daili 2014 SS (25) RFW Daili 2014 SS (26)


video of  backstage madness:

and after hot stress –  afterparty !

DSC_0233 RFW Daili 2014 SS (3) RFW Daili 2014 SS (4)



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Two F words


It was not long time ago, when i wrote about collections for AW14/15 and now it is October and almost all collections for Spring/Summer 2015 were presented. It is only for me time runs so quickly? Anyways, I will write review, what was interesting for me, but now I want to talk about Chanel and where Karl Lagerfeld brought us to his SS15 show.

Karl Lagerfeld is a master, no doubt. I always respect, what he is doing, but after SS15 finale I took a different look. I was always interested in women’s rights. Last year Beyonce created a new album and made a statement, that she is a feminist. A few weeks ago Emma Watson took a speech about women’s rights and new project ‘HeForShe’. So it is good to see that fashion also gives a perspective and an opinion about it.

There are some significant and important facts about 20 century, which marked our history. Karl Lagerfeld had chosen one of the most important riot – student protest in Paris in 1968 with a focus on feminism.

Models with placards unveiled intentions, which was behind this show – “History is her story’, ‘Ladies First’, ‘Feminist but Feminine’ (Feministe Main Feminine).

Karl didn’t forget men’s (one carried a placard with ‘HeForShe’ sight (project for gender equality)) and reminded, that feminism is important for both, men and women.

What do you think about it?

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Berlin Fashion Week it feels like a big bright fun colorful party.
We want to share few photos from Daili base, while we get visit in “PREMIUM” & “SEEK” tradeshows for fashion brands.

dailidesign fashion vilnius (1)

First to do – if you are in..? get that black VIP shuttle . It surely will take’s you straight to point X.

Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (1) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (2) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (3) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (4) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (5) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (6) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (7) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (8) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (9) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (10) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (11) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (12) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (13) Daili @ PREMIUM BERLIN (14) dailidesign fashion vilnius (2)

to feel more atmosphere from this exhibition video:




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Get the fashion party started!


A few days ago fashion week has started and for me it means thousands pictures of street style. Until now I haven‘t seen collections, okey, one – Antony VacareloxVersace, which you need to check also, really good! But there are so many things going on – many blogs and photographers, who is capturing every moment, many designers, who are presenting new collections, how can I have enough time to see all the stuff?

So, we have a big problem here. If you have no work to do, you are perfectly prepared for Fashion month. Because if you a working or studying person, you cannot check everything. You cannot even check all street styles. It’s stressful (don’t laugh) and really annoying for me. A cannot be there, so I want to see as much as I can. Question: It appears more and more people, who dress good or everything it’s just getting bigger?

But about that – next time. Now I’m leaving you with those little pieces of art.

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Fashion action


Nowadays we can‘t separate fashion, social networks and media in general. Millions of pictures, many articles about everything and films/short videos, which I would like to talk about. Personally, and was never a fan of films. I can‘t explain why. But I like videos (maybe duration is the problem?).  Not as much as pictures, but there are many short films created by an amazing artist. Or some are just just taken while shooting an editorial. Here are my favorites.


This video, I think, was the first fashion video I saw. Until now I really like it. It‘s just something about those sexy and strong girls and their attitude, which can‘t be faked.



What Hedi Slimane is doing for Saint Laurent, only can be described as contemporary fashion in the best ways. And this music project is the example, when I was talking about collaborations between amazingly talented artists.



Jeanette Hayes and Jen Brill made this film for LOVE magazine at Proenza Schouler Boutique in New York. I like this mix between digital and live moment here. And the soundtrack is the best. Katie Got Bandz with the song „Pretty N Paid“ did everything perfect for us to feel this laid back fashion vibe.





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After hot summer week  in “Berlin Fashion Week” Daili finaly came back to homecity Vilnius, and share impressions & adventures from few events.

This was not the week when there was a football finale? No we were exactly at that big celebration for all Germany and finaly Germany team win gold medals on 2014 FIFA championship!  Congratulations !

At first some photos from City :

Berlin (1) Berlin (2) Berlin (3) Berlin (4) Berlin (5) Berlin (6) Berlin (7) Berlin (8) Berlin (9)


Berlin (10) Berlin (11) Berlin (12) Berlin (13)